Is CoolSculpting An Effective Treatment?

Stubborn fat is an issue that both men and women of various ages are dealing with and very often, no amount of healthy eating and exercise makes any difference. Whether it’s a belly that won’t budge or love handles that are insisting on staying, stubborn fat is a common problem.

Yes, there is the option of liposuction or a tummy tuck but these treatments are severe and leave patients with pain, scarring and long recovery times.

You may think that you’re going to need to deal with these problem areas forever but there are options available that will help you treat these areas, CoolSculpting being one of these treatment options.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that uses cooling technology to freeze fat cells. Once the fat cells shrink and die, they can be expelled by the body naturally. The elimination of this excess fat leaves you with a more toned body and desirable shape.

You may have come across several branded procedures that make some major claims but unfortunately, many of them simply don’t deliver on any of their big promises.

Is the CoolSculpting treatment effective?

Several studies have been performed in order to ascertain just how much fat CoolSculpting can actually get rid of. After analysing microscopic samples of treated tissue, photographs and MRI scans, scientists have concluded that CoolSculpting is one of the few treatments that produce safe, consistent results.

On average, CoolSculpting patients will experience a 20% reduction in fat and while results may not be immediate, the fat cell elimination process is, and will continue for up to 6 months following your treatment. Patients who receive CoolSculpting at Dr Saras & Co can expect to see physical changes about 3 weeks after their treatment, with results becoming far more visible after 2 months.

The upside is that the treated fat cells are completely eliminated and patients only need follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent the fat from returning.

When compared to other non-surgical fat reduction treatments, CoolSculpting is the gold standard and currently has a 90% market share. It’s one of the only treatments that are both effective and comfortable, while other treatments can be incredibly painful and lead to several complications.

The CoolSculpting procedure will not cause any damage to the skin or the underlying tissue and nerves. This means that patients don’t have to worry about anaesthesia or pain. CoolSculpting sessions last for about an hour and patients can return to their normal daily activities directly after treatment.

CoolSculpting results

CoolSculpting is a highly effective procedure but results will vary between patients and results shouldn’t be compared to more invasive procedures such as liposuction.

It’s important that you always consult with a professional dermatologist before deciding on a procedure such as CoolSculpting to ensure that you’re the right candidate for the treatment.

Overall, if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, exercise on a regular basis and don’t have excessive amounts of fat that you want to get rid of, CoolSculpting could be the right treatment for you.

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